Cadet College Karak

mission objectives


CCK provides quality education and impart social, moral, religious values into our cadets. CCK offers its cadets all the best possible opportunities and facilities to help them in exploring their potential.


“To be a renowned and well reputed academic institute of the country with the aim to develop future leadership in all walks of life and to make our cadets better human beings”


CCK strives to achieve following major objectives:

  • To achieve and sustain the academic excellence
  • To focus on cadets’ character building through imparting character traits of integrity, grit, perseverance, and fairness
  • To mentor succeeding aspects of cadets’ personalities by putting efforts to enrich their appearance, creativity, communication skills, positive attitude, and self-improvement.
  • To place measures for ensuring the physical fitness of our cadets.
  • To cultivate moral and social values of patience, contentment, tolerance, and forgiveness.
  • To promote and encourage national identity among cadets through their participation in community services, obeying rules, cooperation and caring for others. 
  • To develop and promote leadership traits among our cadets.

“Effort and courage are not enough without purpose and direction”

John F. Kennedy