Cadet College Karak

academic system

Cadet College Karak falls within the jurisdiction of Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) Kohat and accordingly follows all the rules and regulations and guidelines issued by the BISE, Kohat. We also realize the importance of modern-day technology and we have blended information technology into our syllabus. We follow the syllabus provided by the BISE, Kohat. The medium of instruction for the subject, excluding Urdu and Islamiyat, is English. Class tests are a regular component of our academic system which helps to prepare cadets for the terminal exam. A separate academic record of every cadet is maintained on a regular basis and periodically sent and discussed with the parents/guardian. The college arranges special classes for the subjects in which students face difficulties. The college has in place a close monitoring system to track the academic performance of each student and to take appropriate measures. Our academic system is designed to capitalize on the diverse background of our cadets and hence provides equal opportunities for all students to excel in their academics.
CCK has its own academic calendar to regulate all academic activities. The academic calendar is given below:

Class V to X

First Term April to July

Second Term August to November

Third Term December to March

Class XI and XII

First Term August to November

Second Term December to March

Third Term April to July

Grading System

A Excellent90 to 100
B+Very good80 to 89
BGood70 to 79
C+Average60 to 69
CSatisfactory 50 to 59
D Acceptable 40 to 49
F Fail Below30 to 39

Academic Warning

If a Cadet falls below 40% for two consecutive terms, the Cadet is placed on academic warning, which indicates that his performance is below the level required for successful completion of an academic year.

Religious Education

Islamiyat is taught as compulsory subject in all the classes. Besides this, the religious teacher is assigned to lead all the prayers in which the participation of the Cadets is mandatory. NAZRA QURAN is also a regular feature of the Daily Routine.

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”

Sydney J. Harris